If LCD Soundsystem were only responsible for three albums that are half-filler and a “workout mix” …

God bless you, Ian Cohen. (via screwrocknroll)

Hmm. I love a bad-band* smackdown as much as the next music geek, but a lot of these blurbs sorta miss the point. Who cares about their dopey frat boy fans or fashion victimhood? If you look closely enough, there’s usually plenty to hate about the actual music without resorting to ad hominems and association fallacies (and other logic holes I don’t know fancy words for). That said, there’s obviously more comedy in extraneous shit and I’m guessing that’s what L.A. Weekly was going for.

On musical merit, Foreigner really deserves the top prize. They’re not as amusing a target as the duh-obvious Dave Matthews Band, but you go relisten to Juke Box Hero and tell me these dudes aren’t the schlockiest cheesemeisters ever to take themselves semi-seriously. I’ll wait.

*Except LCD Soundsystem. Team Murphy 4ever!

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